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Bring these to a holiday Party?


Good Afternoon HartsSpace! I’ve got another idea for you today. When you are deciding what to bring to the holiday party this season consider a creative item like the one above. And don’t call me a nutrition GRINCH please! There is cheesecake in these Santas so they are not terribly boring. Now if making christmas cookies is the one thing about the holiday season that you look forward to all year long… then by ALL means go right ahead. However, if you are looking for strategies to navigate the holidays while not loosing sight of your health goals then considering an item like the one pictured above could be a GREAT solution. This way you at least provide the party guests with one fresh fruit dessert option and you also ensure that you have ONE healthier item to snack on between cookies and cake bites. Try to be creative with your own fruit dessert… I’m imagining a grinch made out of kiwi fruit and pomegranate seeds! Are you dairy free like me? I’d like to suggest and link once again the magnificent “vegan lemon cashew sauce” recipe click right here. The recipe as stated does not taste very sweet however, if you double or triple the sweetener in the recipe as I have in the past the “sauce” tastes more like a sweet whipped cream. This could be used as a whipped cream substitute.

The idea is that holidays parties in my experience always have WAY too many cookies, resulting in leftovers going home with everyone which is fine except that after that party you really don’t need three more days of grazing on cookies if you are trying to eat healthier. So contributing a slightly healthier item at the party can help reduce cookie waste/ leftovers.

The recipe for the Strawberry Cheesecake Santas can be found here.

Have a Healthy Thursday 🙂