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Enjoy winter fruit!


Good afternoon HartsSpace friends, today in my holiday themed blog I’d like to invite you to not only enjoy some holiday treats that we’ve already covered (cookies and flavored coffees), but to also enjoy some winter seasonal fruits! With all the decadent desserts that are so popular this time of year often times the stunning fruit that is currently in season gets over shadowed, and that is just SO sad. One fruit that has always intimidated me is the pomegranate. It all goes back to one morning six years ago where I thought I’d give the lonely pomegranate that I’d purchased that week a whirl. I cut the thing in half and tried to eat it (the tasty juice sacked seeds) with a spoon. Anyone who has ever eaten a pomegranate will understand my mistake. These jewels of juicy goodness are truly priceless in flavor but they don’t slide out of the skin/ membrane that easily. Just like say an orange section does not slide right out of orange skin unless you help it. So there I was six years ago poking at my pomegranate with my spoon. It may have taken me forty minutes to eat that pomegranate. And I made quite a mess. Which my husband will tell you is pretty typical. So after my forty minute wrestling match with my pomegranate I threw in the towel. I said That was too hard and I never want to do that againWHAT A QUITTER! I hate telling these stories about my misguided youth. The new Cat is NOT a quitter. NO! The new Cat takes at least a little initiative and you-tubes stuff she does not know how to do, like gardening and cutting pomegranates.  So I got a little wild the other day and picked up a pomegranate at the produce store. I asked the person who worked there how to pick out a good one and she stated… The darker the skin, the better. Done. I went home, watched three different youtube videos and now had some skills. I cut the skin along the membrane sections so that they would be ready to peel back and I pulled as many seeds off as I could. It did take a few minutes but not forty. Additionally, I learned that there are many ways to cut a pomegranate. Some methods use a bowl of water which supposedly cuts down on mess. I’ll save that method for when my husband is home. And boy did I learn my lesson. What a waste of perfectly good pomegranate eating time the past five winters of my life have been. All those winters I could have been enjoying the crown jewel of winter fruit! Pomegranates will make a huge comeback in my kitchen this winter and I’m SO happy about that. In case you try this food out this week FYI, you CAN eat the actual seed centers and I suggest that you do since they contain some additional fiber.

Not only are pomegranates amazing this time of year, but so are the oranges. And I’d like to encourage you to try all different kinds of oranges. Don’t let yourself get into an ORANGE RUT! For example, have you ever tried a Cara Cara Orange? You’d be surprised by how great they taste. They are the color of a pink grapefruit and they taste tart and sweet all at the same time. Or how about a blood orange? Those are a great source of phytonutrients that are often contained in berries… but at a cheaper citrus price tag. If there was one thing that I learned from my recent elimination diet (LEAP ImmunoCalm diet for food sensitivities) it was that I need to think outside my comfortable little box when grocery shopping. I need to try things that I have disliked in the past, and/ or try things that I disliked handling in the past (like pomegranates). Because guess what? Now we have youtube people. And we can learn how to cut ANYTHING correctly in a 60-120 second video. Here is one of my favorite pomegranate videos linked right here. Now go buy yourself a pomegranate and an off-the-grid orange. See my picture of my cara cara orange & pomegranate fruit salad that I made today on our facebook page.

Have a healthy Thursday 🙂