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I Love FAT!! Healthy fat that is…


Good morning everyone! This morning I’d like to talk about fats and oils and which are the best quality. First I’d like to clear something up. Contrary to everything we heard in the 90′s and even today sometimes, I am here to tell you… WE NEED FAT! It was villanized big time when I was growing up I can remember. Can you? Every product in the house was fat free this, fat free that or 98.8 % fat free. At the time it was just what we all ate and it all tasted normal to me. Now a days I sure eat differently. I slowly gave up the fat free processed products and now I almost spit them out when I taste them… YUCK! Not looking back. I like my fat.

So if during the 90′s we were not eating any fat …why did all of our nations statistics of overweight and obesity skyrocket in the 90s and 2000′s? You guessed it. SUGAR (soda mostly). Lack of exercise. Super sizing meals. More and more restaurants (fast food often) opening making it impossible to avoid food establishments almost anywhere you go. Those are some of the reasons that I suspect. I am sure there are more.

Now to be clear about my fat recommendation let’s use yogurt as an example. If you eat say a pint or more of yogurt a day, I am not suggesting you buy and eat a whole pint of full fat whole milk yogurt daily. That could be loaded with saturated fat. Perhaps more than you should have in a day. But here is the thing… with full fat or higher fat yogurt, you will likely feel fuller sooner and for longer. You might not need to eat that whole pint. Moderation. It tastes richer. It should provide you with more satiety. Want another suggestion? Definitely have some fruit with that yogurt that will help fill you up with healthy fiber as well. PS, yogurts that are flavored often times are LOADED with sugar. Consider buying plain yogurt and mixing in a small portion of sugar/ maple syrup/ jelly at home. The flavored yogurts at the store sometimes have as much sugar as soda! Additionally, consider your heart health. If you are having cholesterol issues then satuarted fat is not a great idea. But a snack that involves heart healthy olive oil will be a good choice!

I think the reasons that the nutrition world has always been so conservative with their fat recommendations is because oftentimes the portion control gets a little out of whack. I will never forget in my cooking class in grad school when our teacher said to our class “Don’t be afraid of butter!” Of course she explained the whole just don’t eat too much part. Great! I thought. I’m going to go buy some butter. I felt so LIBERATED! Now the idea is to not make the butter (or any saturated fat) a part of every meal. Make FAT part of every meal, yes. But there are healthier fats out there than butter that you can incorporate three times a day. Save the butter for the occasional meal. Olive oil, avocados, fish, nuts, seeds etc. Those oils are more anti inflammatory oils. They will fight off attempted cell damage by the inflammatory molecules floating around your body!

Again, WE NEED FAT. Our cell membranes are made up of several substances including a lot of fat molecules. If our cell membranes are starved of fat they will not function all that well. And they have a lot of work to do! They have a lot of messages to send to the inside of the cell, and hormones to interact with, and glucose to up take, and DNA to instruct… etc etc.The better the quality fat that you feed your cells, the better they will function, and the better they will fight off potential dangers to the cell. Fighting off danger is the anti inflammatory effect.

Do you know what else is made up of a lot of fat? Your brain. Do you want to starve your brain of the molecule that it needs to do everything that it does? Your brain certainly has a lot to do too. Feed it well please.

As always please take any health issues that you or your family has into account when deciding how to plan your meals. This is confusing to figure out I know. Would you like some help? That is why there are some professionals in town like us that are here to help you sort through all of your medical history and match an eating plan that is appropriate for you! Call us.

Have a healthy Friday!