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HartsSpace is a wellness practice focusing on nutrition and mental health.  We believe in a whole person approach to wellness and we tailor our sessions and appointments to the individual.  We take an innovative approach to providing health and wellness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier. We provide our clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being.

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Health Experts

At HartsSpace, our health specialists are certified experts in their diverse and respective fields, and are dedicated to the health and wellness of each one of their clients. Since 2008, we’ve been at the forefront of the latest research in nutrition, health and wellness, providing personalized guidance you need to fulfill their goals.

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Katie Hart, MS, LMHC, CN 

Katie has a passion for health and people; she works with helping people create sustainable health for themselves and for their families. Treatments use combined approach to health: mental and emotional wellness, helping people manage the challenges they face daily.Nutrition and mental health impact us all, families, parents, children, and individuals.HartsSpace is a place where understanding and healing can happen from the inside out!

Training /Approach

Katie’s academic background began at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Where she received a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Science and Theater.

Years later, after many personal adventures and life experiences, she obtained a Master’s degree from Bastyr University, MSNCHP, in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology.

Katie’s training encompasses a mind, body, spirit approach to mental health and nutrition. She believes that the power of nutrition and therapy can heal a person. Her background and passions have driven her to create a clinic where a person may grow using their own intuition and cultivating healing from a place within their own resources. She sees people as their own expert, and uses techniques and tools to help people to better understand and create the change they desire.  Her unique approaches have helped many create sustainable change. Children also find a friendly space for healing, and a place to be seen using play. 

"I vision the world and the people in the world like plants. What was put on this earth is here to nourish us mentally and emotionally.When we find the proper balance of nutrients to thrive, mental and emotional wellness and mindful approaches to balance we sustain ourselves we are in full bloom.Children too can blossom when given the nutrients and tools for success. Sustainable health is the key to future generations of better health.”

Lisa Caldwell, MS, LMHC, CN 

Lisa began her career with at BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, Seattle. After being inspired by a Health Psychology class, she sought to seek more about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit and providing care to clients from a holistic perspective.Lisa has always had a love for cooking and sharing the joy of meals with others. Following volunteer and research work, Lisa decided to pursue her Master’s Degree at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA to combine her passion for food and providing support and healing to others. During this program, Lisa learned the importance of treating the whole person from a physical, mental, and spiritual approach; she firmly believes that this approach provides an effective modality to recovery and wellness.Lisa has experience providing both individual and group counseling in community mental health where she worked with individuals challenged by anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, personality disorders, and trauma, in addition to the upsets of everyday living. Lisa has also provided nutritional counseling for individuals on healthy body image and promoting healthful lifestyle changes to support both physical and mental health.Lisa’s goal is to provide a safe and welcoming space where people can feel comfortable in addressing their problems and difficulties in a strength-based environment. Through building a trusting relationship, she strives to help people make sustainable changes that enable them to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Cat McPherson. MS, CN 

Cat’s career path began with a Bachelors’ degree in Human Communication from Arizona State University. After college she moved to Jackson, Wyoming where she was surrounded by people who enjoyed healthy and active lifestyles. While life in a mountain town expanded her love for healthy lifestyles and the outdoors, she developed an enthusiasm for cooking. This enthusiasm grew into consistently finding more creative ways to cook healthy meals that maximized food’s nutritional value. Cat’s passion for healthy meals lead her to pursuing a Masters degree in Nutrition at Bastyr University. Her whole foods nutrition counseling is geared towards understanding the patient’s life style and identifying where the patient has opportunity to improve their health habits.

A whole foods approach allows patients to embrace simple ingredients with fewer food additives and preservatives. Combining fresh whole foods into meals maximizes their nourishment and flavor.  Here at HartsSpace, we enjoy showing patients that whole foods do not have to take a long time to prepare, and that we can start out as small and simple as needed.

Cat is also a CLT or Certified LEAP Therapist. The LEAP Program (Lifestyle, Eating and Performance) is a strategic method of dealing with the dietary components of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), migraines, fibromyalgia, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, vomiting, chronic sinusitis, ADD, and other symptoms caused by delayed food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are in fact different from food allergies and intolerances. While food allergies tend to cause severe and fast acting reactions in the body, food sensitivities tend to cause a lower grade and chronic reaction that can cause debilitating symptoms to the GI, nervous, and muscular system. Using the tools of  the MRT blood test (mediator release test) and a customized elimination diet based on those results, Cat can bring many patients some relief. Especially for those who suffer from symptoms including but not limited to fatigue, insomnia, mental fog, anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, migraines, eczema & other skin disorders, sinus issues, joint & muscle pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas & bloating, and acid reflux.HartsSpace’s approach in nutrition counseling is to encourage realistic health goals for patients that are likely to result in habitual life style changes. Research shows that when patients feel empowered with realistic health goals that they have created themselves, they are more likely to be successful in improving their health. HartsSpace believes that there are no “quick fix” products or regimes that will provide real lasting results for people aside from learning and custom making nutrition plans that motivate the patient to change habits.

HartsSpace provides professional nutrition guidance based on scientific evidence rather than health fads.Cat’s strong communication skills combined with her Nutrition education allow a strong nutritionist/ patient relationship.


Services We Offer

How We Can Help

At HartsSpace, we strive to satisfy all our clients’ needs by providing them with comprehensive and high quality services. Each individual has unique needs, which means they each require a specific combination of activities or treatments to help them find wellness. Our client list is constantly expanding, which allows us to add more and better offerings to help our valued customers find the well-being that they strive. Continue reading for further information about our services.


Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation


New clients at HartsSpace all begin with a full health history intake session. We believe that knowing you and the whole picture of your health is essential for designing a treatment plan that will best meet your nutrition and mental health needs. During this session we will take time to understand exactly what you are seeking and give you an overview of how we can best help you. Treatment plans are uniquely created for you or your child.It is our experience that taking time to know you will best serve your needs, goals, and have the best sustainability.

Medical Nutrition and Functional Nutrition 

Nutrition sessions are tailored to your current medical and personal needs. The focus is on providing education and tools for your success. Personal empowerment begins with knowledge and a foundation that allows you to relearn to trust your body, your mind, and yourself.
Medical Nutrition Sessions:• Disease Management (Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol)• Gastrointestinal Health (IBS, Ulcers, Chron’s Disease, Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Reflux)• Nutrition Medical Referrals (Adult and Child)• Emotional Eating (with mental health counseling)• Weight Management• Childhood Obesity• Whole Foods Diet Changes• Food Allergies and Sensitivities
FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION including non pharmaceutical supplements and recommendations 

Mental Health Counseling 

Mental Health Services are available for children, adolescents, adults and families. The range of needs varies, and following our comprehensive intake we will guide you to the modality that makes the most sense.
Modalities INCLUDE CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)tfCBT(Trauma Focused CBT)Motivational Interviewing (Behavior Change)Play TherapySand Tray TherapyClient CenteredSolution FocusedShort Term BriefMindfulness

Conditions Treated(including, and not limited to)PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)Anxiety Disorders and Panic DisordersDepressionBipolar I & IIEating Disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Disorder)Obsessive Compulsive DisorderSexual Abuse Traum
Adjustment Bereavement and Grief Longevity 

Combination Services (Mental Health and Nutrition)

When indicated sessions and treatment plans will include topics from nutrition and wellness education combined with sessions focused on mental health. 
These combination treatments are inclusive and focus on the mind-body approach to overall wellness.
It is true that most mental health conditions and medical conditions can be helped with food changes and behavior changes. 
Food is medicine, and there are far reaching benefits of coming into better relationship and understanding with nourishing the whole person.
Specific combined treatments include:• ADHD (behavior modification therapy and nutrition treatment)• Mood and Food – using menu changes for mental / emotional healing• Kids Mood and Food• Emotional Eating – Food Addiction and Cravings• Childhood Trauma and Digestive Problems•Adult food and nutrtion imbalances 

Telehealth and Virtual Waiting Rooms



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At HartsSpace, we sincerely care about your well-being. Since opening up  in 2008, we’ve been working closely with our valued clients in order to provide them with exactly what they need to look and feel healthier. HartsSpace is ready to help you, so don’t delay your health another day, get in touch today!

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